The effect of mermithid parasitism on predation of nymphal Baetis bicaudatus (Ephemeroptera) by invertebrates

  title={The effect of mermithid parasitism on predation of nymphal Baetis bicaudatus (Ephemeroptera) by invertebrates},
  author={S. A. Vance and B. Peckarsky},
  • S. A. Vance, B. Peckarsky
  • Published 1997
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Oecologia
  • We investigated how infection by the mermithid nematode Gasteromermis sp. affected predation on its nymphal mayfly host, Baetisbicaudatus, by two invertebrate predators – the stonefly nymphs of Kogotusmodestus and the caddisfly larvae of Rhyacophilahyalinata. Predation trials and behavioral observations were conducted in stream-side, flow-through experimental chambers. When parasitized and unparasitized prey were offered in equal numbers, K. modestus consumed significantly more parasitized than… CONTINUE READING
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