The effect of infrared lamp therapy on episiotomy wound restorative besides pain relief among post-partum women

  title={The effect of infrared lamp therapy on episiotomy wound restorative besides pain relief among post-partum women},
  author={R. El-Lassy and Abeer Abd El-Aziz Mohamed Madian},
  journal={Journal of Nursing Education and Practice},
Pregnancy and labor are exceptional occasions in women’s lives. Post-delivery is a very decisive period for compassionate woman who had under gone episiotomy which is a throbbing and disquiet procedure during this time. So, the aim of this study was to appraise the effect of infrared lamp therapy on episiotomy wound restorative besides pain relief among post-partum women. Post-partum women who apply infrared lamp therapy on episiotomy display faster wound restorative besides pain relief than… Expand
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Ananas comosus Effect on Perineal Pain and Wound Healing After Episiotomy: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial
  • S. Golezar
  • Medicine
  • Iranian Red Crescent medical journal
  • 2016
The results showed the effectiveness of bromelain on episiotomy pain and wound healing, and it is suggested to use bromELain in postoperative stage to improve wound healing and reduce pain. Expand