The effect of feed composition on anaerobic co-digestion of animal-processing by-products.


Four streams and their mixtures have been considered for anaerobic co-digestion, all of them generated during pig carcasses processing or in related industrial activities: meat flour (MF), process water (PW), pig manure (PM) and glycerin (GL). Biochemical methane potential assays were conducted at 37 °C to evaluate the effects of the substrate mix ratio on methane generation and process behavior. The results show that the co-digestion of these products favors the anaerobic fermentation process when limiting the amount of meat flour in the mixture to co-digest, which should not exceed 10%. The ratio of other tested substrates is less critical, because different mixtures reach similar values of methane generation. The presence in the mixture of process water contributes to a quick start of the digester, something very interesting when operating an industrial reactor. The analysis of the fraction digested reveals that the four analyzed streams can be, a priori, suitable for agronomic valorization once digested.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2017.06.033

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