The effect of different rates and forms of sulphur applied on changes of soil agrochemical properties

  title={The effect of different rates and forms of sulphur applied on changes of soil agrochemical properties},
  author={Małgorzata Skwierawska and Lucyna Zawartka and Bogdan Zawadzki},
A three-year field experiment was conducted from 2000 to 2002 in North-East Poland. Each year three sulphur fertilization rates in the form of sulphate (S-SO 4 2- ) and pure (S-S 0 ) sulphur were applied: 40, 80 and 120 kg/ha. In the soil horizon at the depth of 0-40 cm the triple rate of S-SO 4 2- and S-S 0 depressed soil reaction. Acidification of soil caused by S-SO 4 2- became evident already in the first year of the study while that resulting from S-S 0 applica- tion appeared as late as in… CONTINUE READING

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