The effect of capsaicin on gallbladder fluid absorption.

  title={The effect of capsaicin on gallbladder fluid absorption.},
  author={Stephen D. Fitzgerald and Yashwant G Deshpande and Huy Quang Nguyen and Donald L. Kaminski},
  volume={14 4 Pt 1},
The role of the enteric nervous system of the gallbladder on mucosal water absorption was evaluated by intraluminal administration of capsaicin, a selective stimulant of afferent nerve endings. It has been postulated that the neural responses of the gallbladder are peptidergic and mediated by prostanoids. Anesthetized cats underwent gallbladder perfusion with a physiological buffer solution containing 14C polyethylene glycol as a nonabsorbable tracer to quantitate mucosal water absorption… CONTINUE READING