The effect of calf thymus extract (TFX) on human and mouse hemopoiesis.

  title={The effect of calf thymus extract (TFX) on human and mouse hemopoiesis.},
  author={Andrzej G{\'o}rski and Aleksander Bartłomiej Skotnicki and Zbigniew A Gaciong and G Korczak},
  volume={3 3},
The in vitro and in vivo effects of calf thymus extract (TFX) on mouse and human hemopoiesis were studied. TFX enhanced the growth of mouse T- and B-lymphocyte colonies when given in vitro and in vivo; in humans it increased the low colony formation typical for some blood donors failing to act on lymphocytes of high responders. TFX markedly stimulated colony-stimulating factor (CSF) production by human leukocytes presumably influencing the interactions between monocytes and lymphocytes… CONTINUE READING

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