The effect of body temperature on the locomotory energetics of lizards

  title={The effect of body temperature on the locomotory energetics of lizards},
  author={Albert F. Bennett and Henry B. John-Alder},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Physiology B},
1. Oxygen consumption ( $$\dot V_{O_2 } $$ ), carbon dioxide production ( $$\dot V_{CO_2 } $$ ), and stamina were measured in the lizardTupinambis nigropunctatus running at sustainable and non-sustainable velocities (v) on a motor-driven treadmill. Three experimental groups were measured: field-fresh animals at body temperature (T b)=35°C and laboratorymaintained animals atT b=35 and 25 °C. 2. Mean preferredT b was determined to be 35.2 °C. 3. At 35 °C, field-fresh animals had a greater maximal… CONTINUE READING
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