The effect of a taurine-containing drink on performance in 10 endurance-athletes


To determine the effect of a taurine-enriched drink “Red Bull” on performance, 10 endurance-athletes performed three trials. After 60 min. cycling at approximately 70% VO2 max, the subjects pedalled to exhaustion on a cycle ergometer. During each exercise, the subjects received 500 ml of a test-drink after 30 min. submaximal cycling: “Red Bull” without taurine, without glucuronolacton (U1), “Red Bull” without taurine, without glucuronolacton, without caffeine (U2) and “Red Bull” original drink containing taurine, glucuronolacton and caffeine (U3). The heart rate level was significantly lower in U3 (p = 0,0031) 15 min. after application. The plasma catecholamines increased slightly from begin of exercise to 15 min. after application of the drinks in all trials but remained on a significantly lower level in U3 (epinephrine (p = 0,0011) and norepinephrine (p = 0,0003). Endurance time was significantly longer with “Red Bull” original in U3 (p = 0,015). The results of this study show a positive effect of a taurine-containing drink on hormonal responses which leads to a higher performance.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00808445

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