The effect of H‐wave therapy upon conduction in the human superficial radial nerve in vivo

  title={The effect of H‐wave therapy upon conduction in the human superficial radial nerve in vivo},
  author={Brona C. McDowell and Andrea S. Lowe and Deirdre M. Walsh and G. David Baxter and J. M. Allen},
  journal={Experimental Physiology},
This study was designed to investigate the putative neurophysiological effects of so‐called 'H‐wave therapy' (HWT), a form of electrical stimulation, upon conduction latencies in the human superficial radial nerve. Antidromic compound action potentials were recorded from the superficial radial nerve in the dominant forearms of thirty‐two healthy human volunteers, who were randomly assigned to a control or one. of three HWT groups (2, 16 or 60 Hz). HWT was applied under double‐blind conditions… 

The effect of three electrotherapeutic modalities upon peripheral nerve conduction and mechanical pain threshold.

This study has demonstrated that none of the aforementioned modalities produced a significant hypoalgesic effect; however, IFTproduced a significant change in PPA compared with TENS and APS.

Interferential Therapy Review Part 2: Experimental Pain Models and Neurophysiological Effects of Electrical Stimulation

Abstract Despite interferential therapy's (IFT) popularity among clinicians, this review indicates that there is an obvious limitation in the amount of published studies that examine the effects of

Lack of effect of pulsed low‐intensity infrared (820 nm) laser irradiation on nerve conduction in the human superficial radial nerve

To investigate the effect of pulsed low‐intensity laser irradiation on nerve conduction in the human superficial radial nerve and on temperature in the skin overlying the nerve, laser beams are shone on the surface of the skin to measure the pressure and temperature changes in the nerve.

Electroanalgesia: Its Role in Acute and Chronic Pain Management

An evaluation of the use of electroanalgesic therapies for the management of acute and chronic pain found them to be promising alternatives to conventional analgesic drugs.


The role of various mediators involved in transmission of neuropathic pain is examined and the potential therapeutic opportunities to arbitrate diagnosis and treatments of neuropathy pain are highlighted.

A Critical Review of the Analgesic Effects of Tens-Like Devices

Clinical trials that examine the relative effectiveness of TENS-like devices with a standard TENS device are urgently needed to inform therapists about device selection.



Effects of low intensity infrared laser irradiation upon conduction in the human median nerve in vivo

Results show that laser irradiation applied to intact skin at the parameters used here may produce a direct, localized effect upon conduction in underlying nerves.

TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL NERVE STIMULATION: Relevance of Stimulation Parameters to Neurophysiological and Hypoalgesic Effects

Combinations of TENS parameters are important to the peripheral neurophysiological effects of this modality and, further, its associated hypoalgesic effects, at least on the model of pain used here.

Effect of transcutaneous nerve stimulation on sensory nerve conduction velocity: a pilot project

It was hypothesised that the application of TNS to naive normally healthy students would produce a reduction in the sensory nerve conduction velocity of the median nerve, but unexpectedly one subject reported a feeling of coolness in the exposed hand, although further study of this topic is planned.

Cortical evoked responses and transcutaneous electrotherapy

Six volunteers with electrotherapy obtained in all cases a clear reduction of the pain induced by electric stimulation of the median nerve at the wrist by naloxone, an antagonist of morphine, during the treatment.

The comparative analgesic efficacy of H-wave therapy and oral analgesics upon experimental ischaemic pain in humans

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