The effect of Employee Work Related Attitudes on Employee Job Performance: A Study of Tertiary and Vocational Education Sector in Sri Lanka

  title={The effect of Employee Work Related Attitudes on Employee Job Performance: A Study of Tertiary and Vocational Education Sector in Sri Lanka},
  author={H.A.H. Hettiararchchi and S.M.D.Y. Jayarathna},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Business and Management},
Job performance of the employees in tertiary and vocational education sector is really important since that decides survival of this sector. Also employee attitudes are related to different aspects of human life most importantly the job he/she involved in. These attitudes are rooted in the mind of them and come out from the behaviour of the employee. Thus to sustain within the competition and to achieve the competitive advantage, it is vital to focus on the attitudes and respective job… 

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