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  title={The editors},
  author={Peter Kandela},
  journal={The Lancet},
Invited commentary: the testimony of Dr. Snow.
A commentary on the testimony delivered by Dr. John Snow before the British Parliamentary Committee in 1855 is presented, noting his extremely strong belief in germ theory and contagion and his consequent contempt for anything close to the rivaling theory that miasmatic emanations cause disease.
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Alfred lee loomis And WeAlth, science, tuxedo PArk, And the lAst of the PrivAte reseArch lAborAtories Jennet Conant, a granddaughter of the former president of Harvard University, has written Tuxedo
Innovations in Endosurgery—Journey into the Past of the Future
Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) in its current avatar with current instrumentation seems to be an enthusiastic bandwagon rolling on with the cosmetic benefits acting as veil to hide the potential clinical concerns.
The Click
The wire service made possible comprehensive gathering and simultaneous diffusion of a uniform news product throughout the country, thus promoting the vision of a common national news environment.
Simulating the behavior of patients who leave a public hospital emergency department without being seen by a physician: a cellular automaton and agent-based framework
Simulation results indicated that the most effective approach to reduce the rate of LWBS is applying fast-track treatment, which is the first to apply CA in an ED simulation.
Pediatric Hearing Thresholds Post-bacterial Meningitis
Hearing impairment with varying degrees of severity is a frequent complication of bacterial meningitis in children.
Integrating e-commerce standards and initiatives in a multi-layered ontology
A method is presented for designing ontologies from information sources by automatically transforming, integrating and enriching the existing vocabularies with the WebODE platform, allowing the information sharing between heterogeneous systems.
Sensory-motor regulation of human biting behavior
The aim of this thesis work is to clarify the role of mechanoreceptors in mastication and investigate their role in the development of mastication-like responses in animals and humans.
Knowledge and perception of episiotomy among women attending antenatal clinic in a secondary health facility in North-West Nigeria
Awareness and knowledge of episiotomy among women attending ANC were high and perception of it was generally good, and the major factor associated with the knowledge was a history of previous delivery.