The ecstasy of gold: Love, greed and homosociality in the Dollars trilogy

  title={The ecstasy of gold: Love, greed and homosociality in the Dollars trilogy},
  author={Russ Hunter},
  journal={Studies in European Cinema},
  pages={69 - 78}
  • Russ Hunter
  • Published 1 January 2012
  • Art
  • Studies in European Cinema
ABSTRACT Love, in any romantic sense, is notable by its absence in the Italian Western. Its protagonists are loners, desperadoes or avenging angels, for whom women are either whores or (dead) ex-lovers and for whom familial relations merely represent an impediment to the pursuit of wealth. Where romantic interludes occur, they are either briefly alluded to in flashback as a source of pain or take the form of emotionless sexual episodes with prostitutes. Instead, ‘love’ such as it exists is… 
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The ecstasy of gold: Love, greed and homosociality
  • 2012
The ecstasy of gold: Love, greed and homosociality in the Dollars trilogy
  • Studies in European Cinema
  • 2012
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