The ecology of adolescent activity and experience

  title={The ecology of adolescent activity and experience},
  author={Mih{\'a}ly Cs{\'i}kszentmih{\'a}lyi and Reed W. Larson and Suzanne Prescott},
  journal={Journal of Youth and Adolescence},
Twenty-five adolescents reported their daily activities and the quality of their experiences for a total of 753 times during a normal week, in response to random beeps transmitted by an electronic paging device. In this sample adolescents were found to spend most of their time either in conversation with peers or in watching television. Negative affects were prevalent in most activities involving socialization into adult roles. Television viewing appears to be an affectless state associated… 
Experiential Correlates of Time Alone in Adolescence
Seven hundred and fifty-three observations were collected on 25 adolescents at random times during an average week. The observations consisted of self-reports completed in response to an electronic
Mood variability and the psychosocial adjustment of adolescents
The findings confirm that adolescents experience wider and quicker mood swings, but do not show that this variability is related to stress, lack of personal control, psychological mal adjustment, or social maladjustment within individual teenagers.
The experience of freedom in daily life
Self-reports in response to repeated random paging provide reliable profiles of daily activities and psychological states relevant to the measurement of the quality of life. The subjective experience
Positive Psychological States in the Daily Life of a Sample of Working Women
This study of a sample of working women investigated where positive experiences were derived from in everyday life, focusing on the domains of work and nonwork (leisure). It examined how aspects of
Adolescence and the Changing Context of Optimal Experience in Time: Italy 1986–2000
This study focused on the daily activities and related quality of experience of two distinct groups of Italian high school students analyzed in 1986 and 2000. Altogether, 120 participants, aged
Development of a Measure to Assess Youth Self-reported Experiences of Activity Settings (SEAS)
There is a need for psychometrically sound measures of youth experiences of community/home leisure activity settings. The 22-item Self-Reported Experiences of Activity Settings (SEAS) captures the
Anorexia nervosa in the context of daily experience
The sample of 40-to-45 reports per person suggests that the anorectics spent more of their time alone and experienced lower average affect than other young single women.
The Puzzle of Adolescent Substance Initiation
This paper reports the first-year results of a two-year study exploring whether a Multi-Attribute Utility (MAU) model that includes a new momentary salience parameter can predict smoking and alcohol
Affect and Sexual Behavior in Adolescents: A Review of the Literature and Comparison of Momentary Sampling With Diary and Retrospective Self-Report Methods of Measurement
Measured with MS, affect was found to differ by location, companionship, and thoughts when paged; notably, positive affect was highest when participants reported thoughts about sex, and there was no difference in affect before versus after coitus.
Experiential sampling in the study of multiple personality disorder.
The authors conclude that the phenomenology of multiple personality disorder is frequently more complex than is suspected early in the course of treatment.


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