The eccentric frame decomposition of central force fields

  title={The eccentric frame decomposition of central force fields},
  author={Jared M. Maruskin and Daniel J. Scheeres and Fred C. Adams and Anthony M. Bloch},
  journal={Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy},
The rosette-shaped motion of a particle in a central force field is known to be classically solvable by quadratures. We present a new approach of describing and characterizing such motion based on the eccentricity vector of the two body problem. In general, this vector is not an integral of motion. However, the orbital motion, when viewed from the nonuniformly rotating frame defined by the orientation of the eccentricity vector, can be solved analytically and will either be a closed periodic… 

On the Dynamical Propagation of Subvolumes and on the Geometry and Variational Principles of Nonholonomic Systems.

On the Dynamical Propagation of Subvolumes and on the Geometry and Variational Principles of Nonholonomic Systems by Jared Michael Maruskin Co-Chairs: Anthony M. Bloch and Daniel J. Scheeres Their



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