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The early inhabitants of the Upemba depression, the Democratic Republic of Congo

  title={The early inhabitants of the Upemba depression, the Democratic Republic of Congo},
  author={Nonhlanhla Dlamini},
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Revisiting Kalundu Mound, Zambia: Implications for the Timing of Social and Subsistence Transitions in Iron Age Southern Africa
Novel trajectories of food production, urbanism, and inter-regional trade fueled the emergence of numerous complex Iron Age polities in central and southern Africa. Renewed research and re-dating


Etude ostéométrique des restes humains de Sanga et Katoto (age du fer, Zaïre)
Res. d'A.: Les restes osseux humains exhumes des cimetieres anciens de Sanga et de Katoto, dans la vallee du Haut-Lualaba en Province du Shaba au Zaire, sont ici etudies biometriquement.L'analyse a
Recent Archaeological Research and Dates from Central Africa
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Depuis la synthèse précédente, les recherches archéologiques se sont développées et diversifiées en Afrique Centrale. Pour la préhistoire, des recherches prometteuses sont effectuées sur les
The Ngovo Group: an industry with polished stone tools and pottery in Lower Zaïre
SummaryNow, for the first time, it is possible to place in an exact archaeological context the polished tools which have been collected for many years on the surface in the savanna immediately to the
The Rainbow and the Kings: A History of the Luba Empire to 1891
Phytoliths: A Comprehensive Guide for Archaeologists and Paleoecologists
1 The Production, Deposition, and Dissolution of Phytoliths 2 Phytolith Morphology 3 Phytoliths in Domesticated Plants and Their Wild Ancestors 4 Field Techniques and Research Design 5 Laboratory
Population variation within the Iron Age of southern Africa: an assessment using dental anthropological and cranio-mandibular metric techniques
Evidence for iron smelting, agriculture, elaborate pottery styles and increased sedentism appears abruptly in areas previously inhabited by hunter-gatherers and herders during the Early Iron Age
Skeletal age at death: the reliability of cranial and pubic age indicators.
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In a skeletal series, the question is how to make observations on age of death of adult individuals of 28 years and older, based on the order of epiphysis-diaphysis closure of the long bones.
Morphological and metrical comparison of San and Central Sotho dentitions from southern Africa.
Discriminant analysis of mesiodistal and buccolingual diameters and tooth crown surface area data for the left maxillary teeth supports classification of San dentition as microdont and Central Sotho dentitions as mesodont and metrical analysis indicates that San teeth are more sexually dimorphic than are those of Central SOTHo.