The early history.

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Re-Conceptualising Racial Identity of Subaltern Malaysian Chinese Community in Tash Aw’s We, the Survivors
This paper discusses the dynamics of subaltern identity in Tash Aw’s We, the Survivorss(2019) through a guilt-ridden dialogue between an ex-convict and a journalist. Lee Hock Lye often recalls his
Rethinking Periodical Indices to Expand Art Historical Research: A Case Study of Avalanche Magazine Index
Abstract Avalanche Magazine, an artist magazine published in the 1970s, is a unique primary source document of the conceptual art scene. Replete with photographs, advertisements, artist interviews,
The faint young Sun problem
For more than four decades, scientists have been trying to find an answer to one of the most fundamental questions in paleoclimatology, the `faint young Sun problem'. For the early Earth, models of
A Comparative Assessment for the Archaeological Features Detection Using an Integration of Aerial Remote Sensing and Electrical Resistivity in Sungai Batu, Bujang Valley
The identification of archaeological features via geophysical techniques is widely used for the prospection of new archaeological proxies. However, there are very few integration studies with remote
A new approach to the application of the principles of sustainable development
  • Inese Trusina, E. Jermolajeva
  • 22nd International Scientific Conference. “Economic Science for Rural Development 2021” No 55 Sustainable Bioeconomy, Integrated and Sustainable Regional Development, Rural Development and Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy: Climate Change, Environmental Aspect, Cooperation, Supply Chains, Efficienc
  • 2021
Most of the environmental, economic, social and political problems that have given rise to the global crisis continue to grow negatively and rapidly. It is with this situation that the world
Improved Patient Dosimetry at Radioiodine Therapy by Combining the ICRP Compartment Model and the EANM Pre-Therapeutic Standard Procedure for Benign Thyroid Diseases
The new software gives both an improved patient specific dosimetry for the thyroid and an estimation of the absorbed dose to non-target organs and tissues like kidneys, urinary bladder, stomach wall, and uterus.
Pedagogical Experiences: Emergent Conversations In/With Place/s
In this paper, we find and share emergent and relational learning practices through intra-actions with people, places, and materials. We are pedagogical and artistic practitioners who learn from
Immunoregulatory Roles of Extracellular Vesicles and Associated Therapeutic Applications in Lung Cancer
This review focuses on the immunoregulatory role of EVs and associated treatment applications in lung cancer and suggests that blocking the function of immunosuppressive EVs and using EVs carrying immunogenic medicine or EVs from certain immune cells also shows great potential in Lung cancer treatment.