The early history of the clarinet and chalumeau

  title={The early history of the clarinet and chalumeau},
  author={C. Karp},
  journal={Early Music},
  • C. Karp
  • Published 1 November 1986
  • History
  • Early Music
The histories of the clarinet' and the chalumeau2 have received considerable attention both as far as organology and performance practice are concerned,3 and although a satisfactory account of the early development of the clarinet has yet to be written, the once enigmatic question of the identity of the chalumeau4 is now widely regarded as resolved.5 Within the surviving body of 18th-century twokeyed single-reed instruments (once all regarded as clarinets because of their mouthpieces),6 a… 
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The Mystery of the Chalumeau and Its Historical Significance as Revealed Through Selected Works for Chalumeau or Early Clarinet by Antonio Vivaldi: A Lecture
Factual evidence concerning the ancestry of the clarinet has been a perpetual topic of debate among musicologists and organologists. Scholars have widely agreed that the clarinet, first documented in
Early clarinet performance as described by modern specialists, with a performance edition of Mathieu Fre´´de´´ric Blasius's IIe Concerto de clarinette
"Increasingly, twenty-first century musicians are expected to render 'historically informed' performances. The necessary scholarship for this type of performance is gathered through examining