The early history of meta‐analysis

  title={The early history of meta‐analysis},
  author={Larry V Hedges},
  journal={Research Synthesis Methods},
  pages={284 - 286}
  • L. Hedges
  • Published 1 September 2015
  • Education
  • Research Synthesis Methods
I began work in a PhD program in 1976, studying applications of statistics in education. I read Gene Glass’s (1976) paper proposing the term meta-analysis with great interest for two reasons. I was interested from a scientific perspective because I wanted to improve education through research, and meta-analysis had the obvious potential to help organize and synthesize the burgeoning literature in educational research. My other motive was that, like all graduate students, I was looking for a… 

Ten simple rules for carrying out and writing meta-analyses

Ten simple rules for carrying out and writing meta-analyses are presented, which suggest that a systematic review is fundamental for a meta-analysis and the Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome (PICO) model is used to formulate the research question.

Does democracy cause growth? A meta-analysis perspective

The relationship between democracy and economic growth has long been investigated both in the political science and in the economic literature with inconclusive outcomes. By adopting a multi-level

Statistical Harmonization Methods in Individual Participants Data Meta-Analysis are Highly Needed

IPD meta-analysis is considered more appropriate than ADMeta-analysis when observational studies are combined or pooled, since it provides the opportunity to correct for (the same) potential confounders at the individual level.

The association between disciplinary alternative school placement and youth outcomes: A meta-analytic assessment

ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to conduct a meta-analytic assessment of the effects of disciplinary alternative program (DAP) placement on student outcomes, including disciplinary sanctions,

Research Synthesis, HIV Prevention Response, and Public Health: CDC’s HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Synthesis Project

The contributions of the PRS Project to HIV prevention and public health efforts in the United States can be credited to CDC’s long-standing support of the project and its context within a federal prevention agency, where HIV programs and policies were developed and implemented.


  • I. ChertokZ. Haile
  • Medicine
    Journal of human lactation : official journal of International Lactation Consultant Association
  • 2018



Primary, Secondary, and Meta-Analysis of Research1

M y subject is data analysis at three levels. Primary analysis is the original analysis of data in a research study. It is what one typically imagines as the application of statistical methods.

Meta-Analysis for Explanation

The two introductory and two concluding chapters that enclose the four cases are well written and insightful and the reader should possess a working knowledge of meta-analysis and be prepared to make active use of citations.

The Handbook of Research Synthesis

Meta- analysis, as the statistical analysis of a large collection of results from individual studies is called, has now achieved a status of respectability in medicine.

The analysis of groups of experiments

It is pointed out that the ordinary analysis of variance procedure suitable for dealing with the results of a single experiment may require modification, owing to lack of equality in the errors of the different experiments, and owing to non-homogeneity of the components of the interaction of treatments with places and times.

The Particle Data Group: Growth and Operations-Eighteen Years of Particle Physics

A review is given of the growth of particle physics data as it relates to the collection, evaluation, correction, verification, analysis, and distribution by the Particle Data Group. (SDF)

Thermal Conductivity of the Elements

This is the abridged version of a comprehensive volume on the thermal conductivity of the elements. It contains recommended reference values resulting from critical evaluation, analysis, and

Problems arising in the analysis of a series of similar experiments

On a method of determining whether a sample of a given size n supposed

  • 1933