The early history of COBOL

  title={The early history of COBOL},
  author={Jean E. Sammet},
  • J. Sammet
  • Published in SIGP 1 August 1978
  • Computer Science
This paper discusses the early history of COBOL, starting with the May 1959 meeting in the Pentagon which established the Short Range Committee which defined the initial version of COBOL, and continuing through the creation of COBOL 61. The paper gives a detailed description of the committee activities leading to the publication of the first official version, namely COBOL 60. The major inputs to COBOL are discussed, and there is also a description of how and why some of the technical decisions… 
The Real Creators of Cobol
The article outlines the creation and mission of the committee that developed the language and a few of the major inputs and influences on Cobol's initial development, including the people actually involved.
Introduction to COBOL
Despite Dijkstra's comments and the claims regarding COBOL’s imminent death,COBOL remains a dominant force in the world of enterprise computing, and attempts to replace legacy COBol systems have been shown to be difficult, dangerous, and expensive.
Summary of Changes in COBOL, 1960-1985
Sammet and Garfunkel Trace some of the changes in COBOL from its initial 1960 specifications to its current draft 1985 standard. Sammet was there at the beginning, and Garfunkel has been deeply
Pioneering women in computer science
The pioneers are women who were involved in original work that resulted in ground-breaking technical development or helped to generate new ideas or methods in the realm of computer science.
Problems with COBOL--Some Empirical Evidence
Investigation of programming activity in COBOL found that a significant number of changes are related to report generation which suggests a need for support in this area and suggests there are several problem areas inCOBOL.
Commenfs, and Debate
Olivetti started in Ivrea when founder Carlo, papa of the famous Adrian0 and nonno of Rob-erto, began building typewriters there. At the end of the 1950s Roberto Olivetti, best-known member of the
The Relationship Between COBOL and Computer Science
Based on interviews, reviews of the literature, and personal impressions, the author offers historical, technical, and social/psychological perspectives on the fragile relationship between COBOL and
History of IBM's Technical Contributions to High Level Programming Languages
  • J. Sammet
  • Computer Science
    IBM J. Res. Dev.
  • 1981
IBM's technical contributions to high level programming languages from the viewpoint of specific languages and their contributions to the technology are discussed.
Empirical investigation of COBOL features


Detailed Description of COBOL
A definition of the cobol procedure division using algol metalinguistics
The syntax of the COBOL PROCEDURE DIVISION is defined using the same metalinguistic formulae as those used for ALGOL, so that a knowledge of both languages is not required.
Review of "Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals, by (Miss) Jean E. Sammet." Prentice-Hall, Inc. (1969)
The introduction of DATA BASE as a new quarterly journa l of SIGBDP to replace the former Newsletter provided a n opportunity to reconsider the style, format, and functio n of a "Book Reviews" column
The syntax and semantics of the proposed international algebraic language of the Zurich ACM-GAMM Conference
This paper gives a summary of the syntax and interpretation rules of the proposed international algebraic language put forward by the Zurich ACM-GAMM Conference, followed by a formal , complete
Programming languages - history and fundamentals
  • J. Sammet
  • Psychology
    Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation
  • 1969
We may not be able to make you love reading, but programming languages history and fundamentals will lead you to love reading starting from now. Book is the window to open the new world. The world
Bc2z_FLOW-MATIC_P~o~am@in~_IPreliminar~ User's Reference Manual to AccomRany_COBOL_Ma~ua!L_A~KilL_396OI Second Edition
  • Bc2z_FLOW-MATIC_P~o~am@in~_IPreliminar~ User's Reference Manual to AccomRany_COBOL_Ma~ua!L_A~KilL_396OI Second Edition
  • 1960
Hand notes for all meetings
  • Hand notes for all meetings
  • 1959
A View of the History of COBOL
  • H on_e_ywell Computer Journal
  • 1971