The earliest vocabulary of Romani words (c.1515) in the Collectanea of Johannes ex Grafing, a student of Johannes Reuchlin and Conrad Celtis

  title={The earliest vocabulary of Romani words (c.1515) in the Collectanea of Johannes ex Grafing, a student of Johannes Reuchlin and Conrad Celtis},
  author={Georg Nicolaus Knauer},
  journal={Romani Studies},
  pages={1 - 15}
Thirteen unpublished lines of a Latin-Romani vocabulary in a manuscript in Munich represent the earliest document recording efforts to put words of Romani, 'primarily an oral language' (Matras 2002: 238), into writing. The Benedictine compiler and scribe of the list was familiar with important contemporary German scholars, a fact that may enhance the authenticity of his numerous excerpts and explain the almost scholarly approach to such exotic languages as Romani. It can be assumed that the… 
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