The earliest known solar eclipse record redated

  title={The earliest known solar eclipse record redated},
  author={Teije de Jong and W. H. van Soldt},
AN astronomical event recorded on a clay tablet found in 1948 among the ruins of the ancient city of Ugarit, in what is now Syria, was identified 20 years ago as a description of a total solar eclipse that occurred on 3 May 1375 BC1,2. The dating of ancient solar eclipses provides reference points to fix the long-term evolution of angular momentum in the Earth-Moon system3. We have reanalysed the Ugarit eclipse record4. A new historical dating of the tablet, and mention in the text of the… 
Analyses of a datable solar eclipse record in Maya Classic period monumental inscriptions
Historical records of total solar eclipses provide vital information for computing the rotation of the Earth and understanding its long-term variations in the time before modern measurements. While
Integral Field Spectroscopy with the Solar Gravitational Lens
The prospect of combining integral field spectroscopy with the solar gravitational lens (SGL) to spectrally and spatially resolve the surfaces and atmospheres of extrasolar planets is investigated.