The dynamics of arsenic in four paddy fields in the Bengal delta.

  title={The dynamics of arsenic in four paddy fields in the Bengal delta.},
  author={Jacqueline L. Stroud and Gareth J Norton and Md Rafiqul Islam and Tapash Dasgupta and Rodger P. White and Adam H. Price and Andrew A Meharg and S. P. Mcgrath and Fangjie Zhao},
  journal={Environmental pollution},
  volume={159 4},
Irrigation with arsenic contaminated groundwater in the Bengal Delta may lead to As accumulation in the soil and rice grain. The dynamics of As concentration and speciation in paddy fields during dry season (boro) rice cultivation were investigated at 4 sites in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. Three sites which were irrigated with high As groundwater had elevated As concentrations in the soils, showing a significant gradient from the irrigation inlet across the field. Arsenic concentration… CONTINUE READING

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