The duration of symptoms in transient ischemic attack.

  title={The duration of symptoms in transient ischemic attack.},
  author={Kazumi Kimura and Kazuo Minematsu and Masahiro Yasaka and Kuniyasu Wada and Takenori Yamaguchi},
  volume={52 5},
BACKGROUND The majority of TIAs last from 2 to 15 minutes, although some may be of long duration. OBJECTIVE We examined factors related to the duration of TIAs to identify the relationship to clinical characteristics. METHODS We performed brain imaging studies as well as angiographic and cardiac examinations in 81 consecutive patients (64 men and 17 women, age 65.8+/-9.9 years) with carotid TIAs. We evaluated risk factors (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, alcohol consumption… CONTINUE READING


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