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The duality of human existence : an essay on psychology and religion

  title={The duality of human existence : an essay on psychology and religion},
  author={David Bakan},

Value Crafting Using Organizational Values for the Development of Sustainable Work Organizations

In this paper we will propose new statistical methods to analyze profiles obtained with the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument. We will argue that the traditional statistical methods do not

The interrelations of agency, depression, and suicidal ideation among older adults.

Depression mediated the relation between agency and suicidal ideation among older adults, and for older men only, agency moderated the depression-suicidal ideation relation.

The impact of loneliness on compliance with COVID‐19 prevention guidelines

Abstract Many individuals have been reluctant to follow the COVID‐19 prevention guidelines (e.g., wearing a mask, physical distancing, and vigilant handwashing) set forth by the U.S. Center for

Can specific personality traits better explain EU attitudes?

Scholars trying to understand attitudes toward the European Union (EU) are increasingly interested in citizens’ basic predispositions, such as the “Big Five” personality traits. However, previous

Helping or Hurting? The Role of Unmitigated Communion and Relationship Intimacy Following Support Receipt

Unmitigated communion (UC) is defined as a focus on others often to the exclusion of the self (Bakan, 1966; Helgeson, 1994). A common trait of high UC individuals is their eagerness to provide help;

Distinguishing Mitigated and Unmitigated Agency and Communion and the Implications for Dating Relationships

This study analyzed self-report and video recorded data from 19 dating couples in order to better understand the attributes agency (AG), communion (CM), unmitigated agency (UA), and unmitigated

Agency and Communion in People with Alzheimer’s Disease, as Described by Themselves and their Spousal Carers

The findings show that the carers generally described the agency of the person with Alzheimer’s disease as slightly weaker compared with the persons with Alzheimer's disease themselves, and the carer appeared to have poor knowledge of what supported and threatened the sense of communion of theperson with Alzheimers disease.

Fixing STEM Workforce and Teacher Shortages: How Goal Congruity Can Inform Individuals and Institutions

As demands increase for individuals with expertise in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), educational institutions and workplaces seek to identify strategies to recruit and