The dual action of oxyfedrine on cardiac contractility

  title={The dual action of oxyfedrine on cardiac contractility},
  author={Wolfgang Brandt and Fritz Ebner and Melchior Reiter and Klaus Seibel},
  journal={Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology},
1. Oxyfedrine, at concentrations of 10−7 to 3×10−6 mol/l, increased the force of contraction of the isolated papillary muscle of the guinea pig. It was difficult to abolish this effect by repeated exchange of the bath solution. The maximum inotropic action was about 40% that of noradrenaline. Peripheral catecholamine stores were not involved, neither were the breakdown products of oxyfedrine, norephedrine and 3-methoxyacrylophenone. The latter had positive inotropic actions at 10 times and 100… CONTINUE READING