The drivers of tropical speciation

  title={The drivers of tropical speciation},
  author={B. T. Smith and J. McCormack and A. M. Cuervo and M. Hickerson and A. Aleixo and C. Cadena and J. P{\'e}rez-Em{\'a}n and Curtis W. Burney and Xiaoou Xie and M. Harvey and B. Faircloth and T. Glenn and E. Derryberry and J. Prejean and Samantha Fields and R. Brumfield},
  • B. T. Smith, J. McCormack, +13 authors R. Brumfield
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Since the recognition that allopatric speciation can be induced by large-scale reconfigurations of the landscape that isolate formerly continuous populations, such as the separation of continents by plate tectonics, the uplift of mountains or the formation of large rivers, landscape change has been viewed as a primary driver of biological diversification. [...] Key Result Instead, the strongest predictors of speciation are the amount of time a lineage has persisted in the landscape and the ability of birds to…Expand Abstract
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