The draft genome of Ciona intestinalis: insights into chordate and vertebrate origins.

  title={The draft genome of Ciona intestinalis: insights into chordate and vertebrate origins.},
  author={Paramvir Dehal and Yutaka Satou and Robert K Campbell and Jarrod Chapman and Bernard M. Degnan and Anthony W. De Tomaso and Brad Davidson and Anna Di Gregorio and Maarten D. Sollewijn Gelpke and David M. Goodstein and Naoe Harafuji and K. E. Hastings and Isaac Ho and Kohji Hotta and Wayne Huang and Takeshi Kawashima and Patrick Lemaire and Diego Mart{\'i}nez and Ian A. Meinertzhagen and Simona Necula and Masaru Nonaka and Nik H Putnam and Sam Rash and Hidetoshi Saiga and Masanobu Satake and Astrid Terry and Lixy Yamada and Hong-gang Wang and Satoko Awazu and Kaoru Azumi and Jeffrey L. Boore and Margherita Branno and Stephen T. Chin-Bow and Rosaria DeSantis and Sharon Doyle and Pilar Francino and David N. Keys and Shinobu Haga and Hiroko Hayashi and Kyosuke Hino and Kaoru S Imai and Kazuo Inaba and Shungo Kano and Kenji Kobayashi and Mari Kobayashi and Byung-in Lee and Kazuhiro W. Makabe and Chitra F. Manohar and Giorgio Matassi and M{\'o}nica Sancho Medina and Yasuaki Mochizuki and Steve Mount and Tomomi Morishita and Sachiko Miura and Akie Nakayama and Satoko Nishizaka and Hisayo Nomoto and Fumiko Ohta and Kazuko Oishi and Isidore Rigoutsos and Masako Sano and Akane Sasaki and Yasunori Sasakura and Eiichi Shoguchi and Tadasu Shin-I and Antoinetta Spagnuolo and Didier Y S Stainier and Miho Suzuki and Olivier Tassy and Naohito Takatori and Miki Tokuoka and Kasumi Yagi and Fumiko Y. Yoshizaki and Shuichi Wada and Cindy X Zhang and P Douglas Hyatt and Frank W. Larimer and Chris Detter and Norman Doggett and Tijana Glavina and Trevor Hawkins and Paul Richardson and Susan Lucas and Yuji Kohara and Michael Levine and Noriyuki Satoh and Daniel S. Rokhsar},
  volume={298 5601},
The first chordates appear in the fossil record at the time of the Cambrian explosion, nearly 550 million years ago. The modern ascidian tadpole represents a plausible approximation to these ancestral chordates. To illuminate the origins of chordate and vertebrates, we generated a draft of the protein-coding portion of the genome of the most studied ascidian, Ciona intestinalis. The Ciona genome contains approximately 16,000 protein-coding genes, similar to the number in other invertebrates… CONTINUE READING
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