The dome-shaped Fresnel-Köhler concentrator

  title={The dome-shaped Fresnel-K{\"o}hler concentrator},
  author={P. Zamora and P. Ben{\'i}tez and Y. Li and J. Mi{\~n}ano and J. Mendes-Lopes and K. Araki},
Manufacturing tolerances, along with a high concentration ratio, are key issues in order to obtain cheap CPV systems for mass production. Consequently, this manuscript presents a novel tolerant and cost effective concentrator optic: the domed-shaped Fresnel-Kohler, presenting a curved Fresnel lens as Primary Optical Element (POE). This concentrator is based on two previous successful CPV designs: the FK concentrator, based on a flat Fresnel lens, and the dome-shaped Fresnel lens system… Expand
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