The dog genome: survey sequencing and comparative analysis.

  title={The dog genome: survey sequencing and comparative analysis.},
  author={Ewen F. Kirkness and Vineet Bafna and Aaron L. Halpern and Samuel Levy and Karin Remington and Douglas B. Rusch and Arthur L. Delcher and Mihai Pop and Wei Wang and Claire M. Fraser and J. Craig Venter},
  volume={301 5641},
A survey of the dog genome sequence (6.22 million sequence reads; 1.5x coverage) demonstrates the power of sample sequencing for comparative analysis of mammalian genomes and the generation of species-specific resources. More than 650 million base pairs (>25%) of dog sequence align uniquely to the human genome, including fragments of putative orthologs for 18,473 of 24,567 annotated human genes. Mutation rates, conserved synteny, repeat content, and phylogeny can be compared among human, mouse… CONTINUE READING
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