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The doctor in literature

  title={The doctor in literature},
  author={Solomon Posen},
edly." Her clinical activities include a fecal disimpaction of an old lady who does not co-operate, a search for signs of sexual abuse in six children who co-operate only too well, and an ophthalmoscopic examination of a male colleague who finds the procedure sexually stimulating (see also Chapter 5, pp. 218-9). Her training in epidemiology and information technology enables her to uncover the details of a large scale medical crime. 358 Despite her medical and epidemiological talents, Lucy… Expand
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Performing barbers, surgeons and barber-surgeons in early modern English literature
The barber-surgeon is a trope in early modern literature because he has a tangible social impact and an historical meaning derived from his barbery and surgery roots, and consequently a richly allusive idiom which exerted attraction for audiences. Expand


The Thanatos Syndrome
During his pathology residency at Bellevue, Walker Percy developed tuberculosis, whereupon he left the famous New York hospital for Lake Saranac, the equally famous Adirondacks sanatorium. There heExpand
Medical theories on the cause of death in crucifixion.
  • J. Scotson
  • Medicine
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I write as one who for many years has taken in the Shroud of Turin; and who has visited Turin twice to see this piece of linen bearing on its surface the imprints of a man whose body has beenExpand
The invention of the modern hospital: Boston, 1870–1930
Professor Williams shows in convincing medical and biographical detail that it is likely that the physical decay and death of each of them was hastened if not caused by the tertiary effects of syphilis, and there is almost no attempt to use the clinical reconstructions of the dismal lives of these writers as a beacon to illuminate their poetry and novels. Expand
Rituals of Surgery
This is a volume of short stories written by a surgeon, inevitably inviting comparison with other physician-writers such as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sir Thomas Browne, or Rabelais. Selzer's style mostExpand
The Doctor in French Drama, 1700-1775
ment the text. An attempt is made to meet the difficulty of illustrating bone and joint lesions with drawings of composite roentgenograms in an original technic. These are not entirely satisfactory.Expand
Battles of Life and Death
It is not surprising that good literature, which always reflects the human condition, so often deals with the practice of medicine. The title character in Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich edgesExpand
A Savage Place
This book narrates the conversion of a small-town proprietary hospital into a voluntary one by a newly appointed, board-certified staff surgeon and writes with refreshing, if dramatized, authenticity. Expand
Under the Doctor
This study is an earnest attempt to engage the interest of healthprofessionals, philosophers and sociologists alike in striving for accuracy of clinical input and clarification of philosophical concepts which are often left too obscure for the non-professional. Expand
The bard and the body: 1. Shakespeare's physicians
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It is amazing how much light Shakespeare's plays throw on the social history of his time and how practically all the diseases and drugs that were known in those days are mentioned. Expand
The Godfather
Clinical pharmacology may be considered the legitimate offspring of clinical medicine and pharmacology and -evidently -both parents should take an interest in the future and the successfulExpand