The distribution of late-Quaternary woody taxa in northern Eurasia: evidence from a new macrofossil database

  title={The distribution of late-Quaternary woody taxa in northern Eurasia: evidence from a new macrofossil database},
  author={H. Binney and K. Willis and M. E. Edwards and S. Bhagwat and P. Anderson and A. Andreev and M. Blaauw and F. Damblon and P. Haesaerts and Frank Dipl.-Ing. Kienast and K. Kremenetski and S. Krivonogov and A. V. Lozhkin and G. MacDonald and E. Novenko and P. Oksanen and T. Sapelko and M. V{\"a}liranta and L. Vazhenina},
  journal={Quaternary Science Reviews},
  • H. Binney, K. Willis, +16 authors L. Vazhenina
  • Published 2009
  • Geology
  • Quaternary Science Reviews
  • We present a database of late-Quaternary plant macrofossil records for northern Eurasia (from 23° to 180°E and 46° to 76°N) comprising 281 localities, over 2300 samples and over 13,000 individual records. Samples are individually radiocarbon dated or are assigned ages via age models fitted to sequences of calibrated radiocarbon dates within a section. Tree species characteristic of modern northern forests (e.g. Picea, Larix, tree-Betula) are recorded at least intermittently from prior to the… CONTINUE READING

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