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The distribution of flower galls caused by Anguina amsinckiae on the weed, common fiddleneck, Amsinckia intermedia

  title={The distribution of flower galls caused by Anguina amsinckiae on the weed, common fiddleneck, Amsinckia intermedia},
  author={D. Pantone and C. Womersley},
SUMMARY The distribution of flower galls caused by Anguina amsinckiae (Steiner & Scott, 1934) Thorne, 1961 on the host plant Amsinckia intermedia Fischer & Meyer (Borraginaceae) is described. Galls were exclusively associated with floral tissues, and were restricted to the five uppermost inflorescences of the host plants. Approximately 93 O’o of total galls were located in the two uppermost inflorescences. Within a given inflorescence, galls were restiicted to the six basal flowers with… Expand

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