The distribution of HLA in a Polynesian population-Western Samoans.


HLA and gene frequencies are presented for a Polynesian population-the Western Samoans. Within the HLA-A locus A2, A9 and A11 have the highest frequencies and account for 55% of the alleles in this locus. The alleles BW22 and BW40 had the highest frequencies in the HLA-B locus and accounted for 51% of the alleles. The blank gene frequencies for the HLA-A and B loci are .382 and .373 respectively. Significant linkage disequilibrium was found with the haplotypes A1,B7; A3,B7;A2, BW40; A9, BW40 A9, BW22. The most frequent haplotype was A2,BW40. Comparatively low values within this population and between this and other Polynesian populations are discussed in terms of selection, migration and drift.

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