The distribution of 14C-ethoxyquin in rat.


Adult male rats were given the antioxidant 14C-ethoxyquin by oral intubation and were sacrificed at various time intervals from 0.5 hr to 6 days following administration of the drug. The distribution pattern was studied by whole-body autoradiography and liquid scintillation counting. The isotopelabelled antioxidant was distributed throoughout most tissues and the blood at 0.5 hr after administration. The highest radioactivity throughout the experimental period was observed in the liver, the kidney, the gastrointestinal tract and the adipose tissue. No activity was observed in the brain and the central nervous system. Of the dose ingested 2.2 and 0.2% were found in the liver at 0.5 hr and 6 days respectively following dosing. The hepatic peak in radioactivity was measured at 8 hrs and after 6 days 7.5% of this level was still present in the liver. Six days after administration residues of ethoxyquin and metabolites were also present in the kidney cortex, the intestines, the lung, various adipose tissue and blood.

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