[The distribution and biology of Capillaria garfiai from Sus scrofa].


The infestation extent of wild boars (Sus scrofa) with Capillaria garfiai Gallégo & Mas-Coma, 1975 in East-Austria and the localisation of the nematodes in the tongue (n = 159) were examined. The infestation extent (prevalence) was between 66.6 and 90.9 percent. Concerning the location of the parasites in the tongue there was a striking difference between C. garfiai males and females. So, the number of C. garfiai females continuously decreased from the first to the fourth quarter of the tongue, whereas C. garfiai males could be found increasingly in the epithelium of the third quarter. Further, we investigated the biology of C. garfiai and could show, that the development is only involving intermediate hosts, which could be identified as earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris, Allolobophora caliginosa, A. rosea). The morphological characteristics of C. garfiai specimens of wild boars and domestic pigs were compared, but no noticeable differences could be detected.

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@article{Loewenstein1993TheDA, title={[The distribution and biology of Capillaria garfiai from Sus scrofa].}, author={Michael Loewenstein and Erich Kutzer}, journal={Applied parasitology}, year={1993}, volume={34 1}, pages={51-62} }