The dissolution enhancement of piroxicam in its physical mixtures and solid dispersion formulations using gluconolactone and glucosamine hydrochloride as potential carriers

  title={The dissolution enhancement of piroxicam in its physical mixtures and solid dispersion formulations using gluconolactone and glucosamine hydrochloride as potential carriers},
  author={Hiba Al-Hamidi and Wasfy M. Obeidat and Ali Nokhodchi},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Development and Technology},
  pages={74 - 83}
Abstract The solid dispersion technique is one of the most effective methods for improving the dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs; however this is reliant on a suitable carrier and solvent being selected. The work presented explores amino sugars (d-glucosamine HCl and d-gluconolactone) as potential hydrophilic carriers to improve dissolution rate of a poorly water-soluble drug, piroxicam, from physical mixtures and solid dispersion formulations. Solid dispersions of the drug and… Expand
Dissolution and solid state behaviours of carbamazepine-gluconolactone solid dispersion powders: The potential use of gluconolactone as dissolution enhancer
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Freeze-dried crystalline dispersions: Solid-state, triboelectrification and simultaneous dissolution improvements
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To enhance dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs: glucosamine hydrochloride as a potential carrier in solid dispersion formulations.
It has been shown that the use of G-HCl in solid dispersion formulations can significantly enhance the dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs such as carbamazepine. Expand
Formation and characterization of solid dispersions of piroxicam and polyvinylpyrrolidone using spray drying and precipitation with compressed antisolvent.
PCA processing could provide an effective pharmaceutical formulation technology to improve the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drug. Expand
Studies on dissolution enhancement and mathematical modeling of drug release of a poorly water-soluble drug using water-soluble carriers.
  • Naveen Ahuja, O. Katare, Bhupinder Singh
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Role of various water-soluble carriers was studied for dissolution enhancement of a poorly soluble model drug, rofecoxib, using solid dispersion approach, with citric acid, PVP and poloxamers as the most promising carriers. Expand
The effect of type and concentration of vehicles on the dissolution rate of a poorly soluble drug (indomethacin) from liquisolid compacts.
The liquisolid compacts technique can be a promising alternative for the formulation of water insoluble drugs, such as indomethacin into rapid release tablets. Expand
Improvement of dissolution characteristics and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs by novel cogrinding method using water-soluble polymer
Abstract A novel cogrinding method for improving dissolution characteristics of poorly water-soluble drugs was developed. A coground mixture of nifedipine (NP)-polyethylene glycolExpand
Enhancement of prednisolone dissolution properties using liquisolid compacts
The in-vitro release characteristics of prednisolone, a very slightly water soluble glucocorticoid, formulated in directly compressed tablets and liquisolid compacts, were studied at differentExpand
Preparation and Characterization of Solid Dispersions of Piroxicam with Hydrophilic Carriers
Data from the X-ray diffraction and FT-IR spectroscopy showed that piroxicam was amorphous in the solid dispersions prepared with dextrin and Eudragit® E100. Expand
Processing factors in development of solid solution formulation of itraconazole for enhancement of drug dissolution and bioavailability.
Investigation of solid solutions of itraconazole, a water insoluble antifungal, for improved dissolution and improved bioavailability found that Equivalence of two formulations could not be shown for pharmacokinetic parameters C(max) and AUC, under both fasting and fed conditions. Expand
Mechanism of increased dissolution of diazepam and temazepam from polyethylene glycol 6000 solid dispersions.
It was concluded that the reduction of the mean drug particle size by preparing solid dispersions with PEG 6000 is limited and that the influence of the polymorphic behavior of PEG6000 (as observed by DSC) on the dissolution was negligible. Expand
Physicochemical characterization of solid dispersions of the antiviral agent UC-781 with polyethylene glycol 6000 and Gelucire 44/14.
  • F. Damian, N. Blaton, +4 authors G. Van den Mooter
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences
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The results obtained showed that the rate of dissolution of UC-781 was considerably improved when formulated in solid dispersions with PEG 6000 and Gelucire 44/14 as compared to pure UC-782, and the possibility ofUC-781 to form solid solutions with the carriers under investigation was ruled out. Expand