The discovery of radioactivity

  title={The discovery of radioactivity},
  author={Pierre Radvanyi and Jacques Villain},
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Abstract The radioactivity of uranium was discovered in 1896 by Henri Becquerel who, starting from a wrong idea, progressively realized what he was observing, regularly informing the French Academy of Sciences of the progress he was doing. In the next years, it was found that thorium was radioactive too, and two new radioactive elements, polonium and radium, were discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie, while a third one, actinium, was identified by Andre Debierne. The study of the penetrating… 
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Henri Becquerel's discovery of radioactivity - 125 years later.
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Attention is drawn to Becquerel's discovery and the impact it had on medicine and society as well as to Marie and Pierre Curie's discovery of radium.
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The results attest the potentialities of the MCVD-made Ce-doped material, obtained under reducing atmosphere, for real-time remote ionizing radiation dosimetry.
Measurement of Indoor Radon Concentration in the Hunza Valley of Karakoram Ranges Northern Pakistan
Indoor radon measurements were carried out in the five villages of Hunza-Valley, finding that radiation hormesis that the low doses of ionizing radiation are beneficial, stimulating the activation of repair mechanisms that protect against diseases, is the possible reason for their long life and absence of diseases and cancer from the region.
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[The use of radioactive substances in medicine - history and development prospects].
Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that uses radionuclides (radioactive tracers) and ionising radiation for diagnostic and therapeutic (theranostic) purposes and combines modern methods of radiotheranostics and applied genomic and post-genomic technologies.


Experiments in radioactivity, and the production of helium from radium
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Of recent years many investigations have been made by Elster and Geitel, Wilson, Strutt, Rutherford, Cooke, Allen, and others on the spontaneous ionisation of the gases of the atmosphere and on the
VIII. Uranium radiation and the electrical conduction produced by it
(1899). VIII. Uranium radiation and the electrical conduction produced by it. The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science: Vol. 47, No. 284, pp. 109-163.
Nuclear Energy
The roadmap for development of fourth generation fission and fusion reactors, therefore, asks for attention and research in these fields must be strengthened.
Influence d'un champ magnétique sur le rayonnement des corps radio-actifs
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Sur les radiations invisibles émises par les corps phosphorescents
Dans deux courtes notes a l’Academie des Sciences Becquerel decrit sa decouverte de la radioactivite qui a declenche, en quelques annees et de facon fulgurante, celle de la physique nucleaire et de
Rayons émis par les composés de l’uranium et du thorium
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