The disappearance of water buffalo from agrarian landscapes in Western China

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Excavating agrarian transformation under ‘secure’ crop booms: insights from the China-Myanmar borderland
This paper examines the transformation of agrarian livelihoods due to crop booms at the China-Myanmar borderland. A key finding is that local villagers have rented out their land to outside investo...
Landscape plasticity and its erasure
For centuries, people who call themselves Akha had formed village landscapes of rotating shifting cultivation fields amid regenerating trees together with enduring wooded sites, all under the purview
Assessing livelihood vulnerability using a Bayesian network: a case study in northern Laos
Agricultural transitions from subsistence to export-oriented production make households more reliant on volatile agricultural commodity markets and can increase households’ exposure to crop price and
Reconsidering Land System Changes in Borderlands: Insights from the China-ASEAN Borderland
This study contributes to the literature on how to explicitly describe, track, and interpret the structure and dynamics of land systems in borderlands. The shift in land system science analytics from
When land, water and green‐grabbing cumulate: Hydropower expansion, livelihood resource reallocation and legitimisation in southwest China
Hundreds of hydropower dam projects, of all sizes, have been initiated in Yunnan Province, China, since the late 1990s. This paper frames hydropower-driven resource reallocations as resource grabs


Not at All Costs: Frontier Modernization Schemes and Ethnic Minority Livelihood Debates in the Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands
Abstract:The Chinese and Vietnamese states are encouraging or endorsing numerous schemes to “modernize” what they deem to be the physical and cultural frontiers of their political territories.
Turning your back to the border
Does carbon finance make a sustainable difference? Hydropower expansion and livelihood trade-offs in the Red River valley, Yunnan Province, China
The Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a carbon credit trading scheme intended to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and promote ‘sustainable development’. Hundreds of
Foot‐and‐Mouth Disease Impact on Smallholders ‐ What Do We Know, What Don't We Know and How Can We Find Out More?
Summary Foot‐and‐mouth disease (FMD) endemic regions contain three‐quarters of the world's FMD susceptible livestock and most of the world's poor livestock keepers. Yet FMD impact on smallholders in
A comparative review for understanding elite interest and climate change policy in China
China’s climate change policy has rapidly evolved from one of neglect to necessity with sinologists drawing on a wide range of theories in trying to explain this shift. The rising influence of
Bringing Agriculture Back In: The Central Place of Agrarian Change in Rural China Studies
Since the mid-2000s, rural development and politics in China has entered a new phase that revolves around what the central government calls ‘agricultural modernization’. Transforming the
Local Exchanges and Marketplace Trade of Water Buffalo in Upland Vietnam (Lao Cai Province)
Historically, throughout many parts of northern upland Vietnam, water  buffalo have been a vital resource for rural citizens, especially for small holder rice agriculturalists. In the case of ethnic