The disablement process in patients with pulmonary disease.

  title={The disablement process in patients with pulmonary disease.},
  author={Diane U Jette and D Manago and E Medved and Ann Nickerson and T Warzycha and M J Bourgeois},
  journal={Physical therapy},
  volume={77 4},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purposes of this study were (1) to describe the disabilities of patients with pulmonary disease and (2) to examine the relationships among impairments, functional limitations, and disability, as described by the disablement process model. SUBJECTS Subjects were 154 patients with chronic pulmonary disease (64% female, 36% male; mean age = 59 years, SD = 14, range = 24-86). METHODS Information was abstracted from physical therapy records, including measurements of… CONTINUE READING