The digital age

  title={The digital age},
  author={C. W. Bildt},
  journal={Global Health Action},
  • C. Bildt
  • Published 30 June 2017
  • Computer Science
  • Global Health Action
Across the globe, policymakers are starting to understand that we are on the verge of major transformations in virtually all areas as the different digital technologies continue to develop. The catchwords are there everywhere. There is talk of the coming Internet of Things. In China what is called Internet Plus is at the centre of long-term planning. India is advancing its Internet India plan for rapidly expanding connectivity. Germany is talking about Industry 4.0, and the EU is working on… 
Digital Humanities on the Ground: Post-Access Politics and the Second Wave of Digital Humanities
Abstract At the heart of the Digital Humanities discourse in postcolonial information societies like India is a subject that is marked by connectivity and access. The discourse and practice put
The Funding of Important Emerging and Evolving Technologies by the Public and Private Sectors
We examine the sources of the finance that has enabled technological evolution, distinguishing between sources in the private, or for-profit, sector (FPS) and sources in the public or not-for-profit
Hulu, streaming, and the contemporary television ecosystem
In this essay, we take up three distinctive features of the US-based subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform Hulu: its ownership structure, its business deals, and its televisual aesthetics.
The Personal is Political: Assessing Feminist Fundamentals in the Digital Age
The ‘personal is political’ has long been recognised as the definitive slogan of second-wave feminism but can it still inform our understanding of the contemporary practice of feminism? Questioning
Media in Modernity: A Nice Derangement of Institutions
  • N. Couldry
  • Art
    Revue internationale de philosophie
  • 2017
This article reviews the contribution of media institutions to modernity and its wider institutional arrangements. It will consider how this relationship has normally been conceived, even mythified,
Mapping Approaches to User Participation and Digital Labour: A Critical Perspective
The period since the mid-1990s has been awash with interpretations of the changes brought about by digital technologies and online social media. Many non-critical accounts have been quick to
Anaclet Pons, El desorden digital. Guía para historiadores y humanistas [The paths of digital history]
Anaclet Pons is a pioneer. In the nineties, the Internet was beginning to popularise and become a tool of great importance in the academic world. Both email and the World Wide Web were starting to
Software startuppers took the media s paycheck Media’s fightback happens through startup culture and abstraction shifts
  • Outi AlapekkalaJuhani Risku
  • Business
    2016 International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation/IEEE lnternational Technology Management Conference (ICE/ITMC)
  • 2016
A tremendous opportunity to create a new industry with new actors through combining the interests of the network manufacturers, network operators and journalism in a systemic solution through a strategic alliance and collaboration is found.
This article analyses the challenges of implementing a new electronic identification (eID) framework in Finland. We employ the theoretical lens of dialectics to explain how two opposing forces in the
Roots and Routes: Memory and Identity in the Irish Diaspora in Canada
Historians of Irish emigration have referred to the 1950s as a “lost decade.” During this ten-year window, half a million people (of a population of three million) left Ireland in search of new lives


Lochner in Cyberspace: The New Economic Orthodoxy of 'Rights Management'
The economic vision embodied in Lochner v. New York is alive and well on the digital frontier. Its premises ? the sanctity of private property and freedom of contract, the sharply delimited role of
Promises to Keep: Technology, Law, and the Future of Entertainment
During the past fifteen years, changes in the technologies used to make and store audio and video recordings, combined with the communication revolution associated with the Internet, have generated
The Centre for International Governance Innovation
Currently proposals are actively circulating in China to move to a unified enterprise tax structure with similar tax treatment of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), other private enterprises (OPEs) and
The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis
For industries ranging from software to pharmaceuticals and entertainment, there is an intense debate about the appropriate level of protection for intellectual property. The Internet provides a
How Current Copyright Law Discourages Creative Output: The Overlooked Impact of Marketing
[Note: the substantially revised published version was posted here on Aug. 4, 2004] This Article explores how copyright law's prohibition against unauthorized copying and sales may, counter to the
Copyright, Borrowed Images, and Appropriation Art: An Economic Approach
This paper examines from the standpoint of economics the relationship between copyright law, borrowed images and the post-modern art form known as appropriation art. Artists and judges have very
Fair Use as Market Failure: A Structural and Economic Analysis of the Betamax Case and Its Predecessors
The text of "Fair Use as Market Failure" has three times been reprinted in full: in 1 Intellectual Property and Business (Stephen E. Margolis & Craig M. Newmark, eds., Edward Elgar Publishing:
An Economic Analysis of Copyright Law
INTELLECTUAL property is a natural field for economic analysis of law,1 and copyright is an important form of intellectual property. Yet while there are good introductions to the economics of
Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity
espanolEl presente texto publicado en la Zona REMIX de la revista Communiars se corresponde con la introduccion del afamado libro Cultura Libre, del profesor Lawrence Lessig, presidente de la
Language Resources and Tools for Swedish: A Survey
A survey of existing language resources for Swedish, and the need for Swedish language resources to be used in research and real-world applications in language technology as well as in linguistic research is described.