The diffusion haloes of the iridescent feldspars

  title={The diffusion haloes of the iridescent feldspars},
  author={Chandrasekhara Venkata Sir Raman and A. Jayaraman},
  journal={Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A},
  • C. Raman, A. Jayaraman
  • Published 1953
  • Geology
  • Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A
SummaryLabradorite, the moonstones from Ceylon and Korea and other varieties of feldspar exhibiting iridescence have been investigated, and in all cases it has been found that such iridescence is the consequence of a diffusion of light within the material and not a true optical reflection. By a suitable technique, the diffusion haloes can be photographed and from their geometric positions, colour and angular dimensions, important conclusions can be drawn regarding the structures responsible for… 
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X-ray study of the structure of moonstones

SummaryX-ray studies on three different types of moonstones, namely, Ceylon, Coimbatore and Korean varieties have been made by single crystal rotation and Weissenberg methods. The results are

Rendering the effect of labradoescence

This work provides a reflectance model for labradorescence that is directly derived from the physical characteristics of such materials, which can be used for predictive rendering purposes, but also for generic rendering applications.

Studies on microbial population in the rhizosphere of higher plants with special reference to the method of study

A large number of papers concerning various aspects of the microbial population of the rhizosphere have been published and it has been shown that the balance between certain physiological groups4,21,43,45, as well as that between morphological types of bacteria or fungi30,50 is changed in the Rhizosphere.

Studies on Aspergilli

The effect of foliar sprays of urea on the Aspergilli of the rhizosphere of Triticum vulgare L was studied in detail and there was a general increase in the concentration of amino acids in urea-treated plants.

Fungal populations in the rhizosphere of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

A comparison of fungal populations in the rhizospheres of eight varieties of peanut grown in a red lateritic soil amended with farmyard manure was made by the dilution-plate technique, finding no correlation could be established between numbers of root nodules produced by a variety and its rhizosphere effect.

Plant treatment in relation to the rhizosphere effect

A new method of pretreatment of roots of one week old rice seedlings (MTU9) with 1 ppm and 5 ppm of patulin, griseofulvin, gibberellin and actidione as well as in 5, 10 and 50 ppm of agrimycin-100 and 0.1M urea has been tried.

Aspergilli from soils of South India



X-Ray Studies on Polymorphism

X-Ray Studies on PolymorphismBeing a Collection of Papers concerning Submicroscopic Twinning in Crystals, with Appendices. By Prof. T. Ito, in collaboration with R. Sadanaga and Y. Takeuchi. Pp. vii


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  • 1951