The diffuse nervous network of Camillo Golgi: Facts and fiction

  title={The diffuse nervous network of Camillo Golgi: Facts and fiction},
  author={Elio Raviola and Paolo Mazzarello},
  journal={Brain Research Reviews},

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The Original Histological Slides of Camillo Golgi and His Discoveries on Neuronal Structure

An account of the original slides on the nervous system from Golgi's laboratory available nowadays at the Golgi Museum and Historical Museum of the University of Pavia is provided and images of neurons from his slides are shown for the first time.

Santiago Ramón y Cajal: Father of neurosciences

The life and work of the Spanish biologist Santiago Ramón y Cajal, who is considered as the Father of Modern Neurosciences is remembered.

Ultrastructure-function properties of recycling synaptic vesicles in acute hippocampal slices

The findings demonstrate that there is a presynaptic component to LTD and that vesicle recruitment into the recycling pool appears to be an important possible substrate, and suggest that such changes appear to be selective for specific pool subsets.

The Hebb Synapse Before Hebb: Theories of Synaptic Function in Learning and Memory Before , With a Discussion of the Long-Lost Synaptic Theory of William McDougall

An overview of some of the theories of the neural basis of learning and memory before Hebb are given and the synaptic theory of William McDougall is described, which appears to have been an idea ahead of its time; so far behind its time that it was completely ignored by his contemporaries.

The History of the Synapse

The history of the synapse is the topic for this lecture because every disciple has the obligation to pay homage to their mentors once in their lifetime and as it turns out, all three of my mentors have made positive contributions to the history ofThe synapse.

Neural Networks with Nonlinear Couplings

Dendritic nonlinearities enable robust signal propagation in networks with biologically plausible topology, and synaptic efficiencies in the biologically observed range, and this phenomenon of hub-activated signal transmission further relaxes the requirement for a prominent feed-forward anatomy.

Some Revolutions in Neuroscience

  • C. Gross
  • Art
    Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • 2013
This essay considers eight major developments that involved radical and permanent changes in fundamental beliefs and assumptions about the nervous system and in tactics and strategies for studying it, ranging from the 6th century BCE to the end of the 20th century.

Memristive Hodgkin-Huxley Spiking Neuron Model for Reproducing Neuron Behaviors

The memristor is introduced to the HH spiking model, and the memristive Hodgkin-Huxley spiking neuron model (MHH) is presented, and it is experimentally demonstrated that the MHH spikers model generates more action potential than the HH model and takes a short time to change the memductance.

Winning at Go: The Conundrum of Computational Mind

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Twenty-nine years ago, a computer defeated world class chess master Garry Kasparov, who had at his disposal the cumulative experience of all of his years in the game, constituting a tiny fraction of all possible moves and matches.



Golgi: A Biography of the Founder of Modern Neuroscience

This book is a complete biography of Camillo Golgi one of the most prominent European researcher between the Nineteenth and the Twentieth century, a period of dramatic scientific development. The

Foundations of the neuron doctrine

The Neuron Doctrine Revisited: A Personal Account - Sten Grillner Camillo Golgi, Foundations of the Neuron doctrine, and the History of Neurosciences - Paolo Mazzarello Some Reflections on the Neurion Doctrine - Larry Swanson.

The birth of the cell

This vivid book tells a story that spans three centuries and crosses many national boundaries-a story of scientific discovery that fundamentally changed the way we understand the basis of life. Henry

Zur Geschichte des menschlichen Rückenmarkes und der Nervenwurzeln

Einige hirnanatomische Betrachtungen und Ergebnisse

  • A. Forel
  • Psychology
    Archiv für Psychiatrie und Nervenkrankheiten
  • 2005
P rof . C. Go lg l hat in dan latztan Jahren seine histologisahen Studien fiber das Centralnervensystem verSffentliaht*). Diesalben involviren aine solahe Aenderung unserer Ansahauungen, dass sie

Sull ' infezione malarica

  • Archivio per le Scienze Mediche
  • 1886