The dielectric properties of water within model transbilayer pores.

  title={The dielectric properties of water within model transbilayer pores.},
  author={Mark S. P. Sansom and Graham R. Smith and C A Adcock and Philip C. Biggin},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={73 5},
Ion channels contain extended columns of water molecules within their transbilayer pores. The dynamic properties of such intrapore water have been shown to differ from those of water in its bulk state. In previous molecular dynamics simulations of two classes of model pore (parallel bundles of Ala20 alpha-helices and antiparallel barrels of Ala10 beta-strands), a substantially reduced translational and rotational mobility of waters was observed within the pore relative to bulk water. Molecular… CONTINUE READING
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