The development of the oviducal gland in the Rajid thornback ray, Raja clavata

  title={The development of the oviducal gland in the Rajid thornback ray, Raja clavata},
  author={B{\'a}rbara Serra-Pereira and Fernando Afonso and I F A Farias and Pedro Joyce and Megan E. Ellis and Ivone M. Figueiredo and Leonel Serrano Gordo},
  journal={Helgoland Marine Research},
The reproductive processes of chondrichthyans are complex. Knowledge of the development and maturation of the oviducal gland is vital for understanding the reproductive biology of a species. This study represents the first contribution of this subject for skates. In the oviparous thornback ray, Raja clavata, oviducal gland development begins early in the developing stage with the formation of gland tubules and the distinct lamellae of each zone: club, papillary, baffle and terminal. Oviducal… CONTINUE READING
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