The development of oral liquid dosage forms of metronidazole.

  title={The development of oral liquid dosage forms of metronidazole.},
  author={Merci Mathew and V D Das Gupta and Caroline Bethea},
  journal={Journal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics},
  volume={18 4},
The stability of eight samples of metronidazole in aqueous vehicles was studied using a modified HPLC assay method. The samples were prepared using either metronidazole powder (5 mg/ml), metronidazole hydrochloride injection powder (10 mg/ml), or metronidazole powdered tablets (10 mg/ml). The samples prepared using metronidazole hydrochloride powder were stable and clear for at least 133 days at 25 degrees C. Their pH values were between 1.8 and 2.0. The samples prepared from metronidazole… CONTINUE READING

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