The development of lichenology in the history of botany

  title={The development of lichenology in the history of botany},
  author={Per M. J{\o}rgensen},
  journal={The Bryologist},
  pages={37 - 44}
Abstract Lichens have been a difficult group for botanists to understand. Only in the 20th century did they find their correct position among the fungi. This paper outlines the long and rather complicated course from Theophrastos, the first person to use the term lichen (about 300 B.C.) to the molecular evidence by Gargas and coworkers in 1995 that proved lichens to belong among the fungi. It was, however, not the first time this classification was proposed. The first to formally include… 

Recent literature on lichens—246

Seven new species and a new record in the lichen genus Pertusaria (Pertusariales, lichenized Ascomycota) from eastern Australia and analysis of antioxidant capacity and bioactive compounds in marine macroalgal and lichenic extracts using different solvents and evaluation methods.

Species in lichen-forming fungi: balancing between conceptual and practical considerations, and between phenotype and phylogenomics

Overall, this paper considers that species delimitation in lichen-forming fungi has advanced dramatically over the past three decades, resulting in a solid framework, but that empirical evidence is still missing for many taxa.



The 2016 classification of lichenized fungi in the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota – Approaching one thousand genera

The phylogenetic position of the 39 orders containing lichenized fungi suggests 20–30 independent lichenization events during the evolution of higher Fungi, 14–23 in the Ascomycota and 6–7 in the Basidiomycota.

Multiple origins of lichen symbioses in fungi suggested by SSU rDNA phylogeny.

A highly resolved parsimony analysis of small subunit ribosomal DNA (SSU rDNA) sequences suggests at least five independent origins of the lichen habit in disparate groups of Ascomycete and Basidiomycetes.

Simon Schwendener (1829–1919) and the Dual Hypothesis of Lichens

On September 10, 1867, the Swiss Natural History Society held its annual general meeting in the small city of Rheinfelden. The botanical session was presided over by the taxonomist and palaeobotanist

Foliicolous lichens I : a revision of the taxonomy of the obligately foliicolous, lichenized fungi

A revision of the taxonomy of the obligately foliicolous, lichenized fungi is presented, finding that the majority of these fungi are related to mosses and lichens.

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