The development of isolated blastomeres in Bithynia tentaculata (Prosobranchia, Gastropoda).

  title={The development of isolated blastomeres in Bithynia tentaculata (Prosobranchia, Gastropoda).},
  author={Nico H. Verdonk and James Newton Cather},
  journal={The Journal of experimental zoology},
  volume={186 1},
The development of isolated blastomeres, separated at the first and second cleavage has been studied. After separation at the first cleavage, one half-embryo (CD) becomes swollen and balloon-like and develops adult organs such as eyes, tentacles, shell, operculum, etc. The other half (AB) is much more compact and never develops these adult structures. After separation on the alternate axis at the second cleavage to produce AD and BC halves, both halves could form all adult structures. These… CONTINUE READING
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