The development of an energy efficient electric Mitad for baking injeras in Ethiopia

  title={The development of an energy efficient electric Mitad for baking injeras in Ethiopia},
  author={Robin Jones and Jan Carel Diehl and Leon Simons and Martin Verwaal},
  journal={2017 International Conference on the Domestic Use of Energy (DUE)},
  • R. Jones, J. Diehl, +1 author M. Verwaal
  • Published 1 April 2017
  • Engineering
  • 2017 International Conference on the Domestic Use of Energy (DUE)
Preparation of Injera, the cultural staple bread food item in Ethiopia, is known for its intensive energy consuming cooking. Baking this food item in the traditional three stone stoves, with an efficiency of 5–15%, consumes huge amounts of firewood and causes consequent problems like deforestation, global warming and household air pollution. Electrical injera stoves (mitads) are a sound alternative in Ethiopia because of the relatively wide availability of electricity (hydropower). However… 
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