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The development of an acoustic levitation test facility for cloud physics research

  title={The development of an acoustic levitation test facility for cloud physics research},
  author={Victor D. Lupi},
An Acoustic Levitation Test Facility appropriate to cloud physics laboratory experiments has been developed. The facility utilizes acoustic standing waves to accurately control the location of single or multiple hydrometeors (water droplets or ice crystals) without direct physical contact. This unique capability allows the facilities to complement existing experimental methods, such as free fall chambers and vertical wind tunnels, where the transient nature of the testing makes carefully… 

Point-Spread-Function (PSF) Characterization of a 340-GHz Imaging Radar Using Acoustic Levitation

In this paper, resolution characterization and beam analysis of a 340-GHz imaging radar are demonstrated by means of a point-spread-function (PSF) study by imaging an acoustically levitated

Theoretical research and experimental study for a new measurement method of standing wave levitation force

Based on the lever principle, a novel measurement method for the standing wave levitation force is investigated and the measurement device is developed. The relative levitation force was simulated by



Acoustic levitation in a free‐jet wind tunnel

In this article we describe a laboratory device which provides stable acoustic levitation in the free‐jet working section of a horizontal wind tunnel. This apparatus combination provides a covenient

Compact acoustic levitation device for studies in fluid dynamics and material science in the laboratory and microgravity

An ultrasonic levitation device operable in both ordinary ground‐based as well as in potential space‐borne laboratories is described together with its various applications in the fields of fluid

A Semi-Empirical Determination of the Shape of Cloud and Rain Drops

Abstract A physical model which predicts the shape of water drops falling at terminal velocity in air is presented. The model is based on a balance of the forces which act on a drop falling under

A Determination of the Terminal Velocity and Drag of Small Water Drops by Means of a Wind Tunnel.

Abstract Measurements of the drag on small water drops falling in water-saturated air at terminal velocity were carried out in a wind tunnel for Reynolds numbers R between 0.2 and 200. The fractional

Hollow drop production by injection of gas bubbles into a liquid jet

An apparatus has been constructed which produces uniform hollow shells of liquid. The techniques used are to ultrasonically excite and inject a gaseous jet into a liquid jet. The physical arrangement

Sonics : techniques for the use of sound and ultrasound in engineering and science

Chapter 2 BASIC PRINCIPLES 2.1 Fundamentals of Vibration 2.2 The Equations of Motion 2.3 A Solution by Electric Circuit Analogy; Mechanical Impedance 2.4 General Behavior of Driven Damped Oscillator

Acoustic chamber for weightless positioning

The objective of this work is to perfect and extend the acoustic position technique that was developed at JPL for use in the future Space Processing Laboratory in Space. The main effort is centered

A New Apparatus for the Production of Uniform Liquid Drops

An inexpensive device is described for producing uniform liquid drops which are colinear in trajectory. The device uses both an electrically induced dripping mode and a harmonic electrical spraying

Technique for producing uniform small droplets by capillary waves excited in a small meniscus

The vibration caused by tapping a small liquid‐filled glass capillary causes small droplets to be ejected from the meniscus in its open end. This phenomenon serves as the basis for an apparatus

An Approximation for the Shapes of Large Raindrops

  • A. Green
  • Physics, Environmental Science
  • 1975
Abstract A simple model is proposed for approximating the shapes of raindrops in terminal fall equilibrium. The equilibrium figures of raindrops are complex, but they can be represented approximately