The development of a marine natural product-based antifouling paint.

  title={The development of a marine natural product-based antifouling paint.},
  author={John G. Burgess and Kenneth G. Boyd and Evelyn Armstrong and Zhong Jiang and Liming Yan and Matz Berggren and U. Meierfrankenfeld May and Tony Pisacane and Ake Granmo and David R Adams},
  volume={19 Suppl},
Problems with tin and copper antifouling compounds have highlighted the need to develop new environmentally friendly antifouling coatings. Bacteria isolated from living surfaces in the marine environment are a promising source of natural antifouling compounds. Four isolates were used to produce extracts that were formulated into ten water-based paints. All but one of the paints showed activity against a test panel of fouling bacteria. Five of the paints were further tested for their ability to… CONTINUE READING